Small Businesses Owed Thousands For Mis-sold Energy


Small business owner

The UK’s biggest energy suppliers including British Gas and SSE are facing a £500 million legal claim due to mis-sold energy. Energy suppliers have been unfairly increasing businesses’ energy bills by paying secret commissions to brokers. 

The scale of the issue is huge. 7 out of 10 businesses use brokers to negotiate energy contracts, unaware they’re not dealing directly with energy suppliers. This has meant that many businesses have been mis-sold energy. In some instances, the commission paid by the business amounted to as much as 50% of the entire energy contract. 

According to legal experts, these commissions were similar to bribes and undermined the integrity of brokers, who had a duty to provide fair recommendations to businesses. Because of this, Ofgem has planned to conduct a call for evidence in the next few months to determine the extent of the mis-selling problem in the energy market.

A law firm has also launched a group claim against the big energy suppliers. They estimated that the average claim could be around  £60,000 per company. Therefore, if you believe your business has been mis-sold energy it is best to start your claim as soon as possible.

How to know if your business has been mis-sold energy

How to claim

Companies such as Assured Claims are working with experts to help businesses claim back their mis-sold energy. Businesses that contracted gas and electricity through brokers since 2012 up to 2021 maybe eligible to join the claim with the help of Assured Claims.

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