Ofgem Prepayment Meter Code of Practice Explained

pre-payment meter

Earlier this week, Ofgem announced a new Code of Practice regarding installing prepayment meters (PPM) for vulnerable and disabled customers. During a parliament live discussion, they went into more detail about what this entails (Video below).

Key points

The vulnerable groups include:

Households without any of the vulnerable groups will still have to deal with the difficulties of having a prepayment meters. Citizens Advice saw a 229% increase in the number of people seeking help who couldn’t afford to top up their prepayment meter and predicts that 160,000 more people could be moved onto prepayment meters.

What Help Is Available?

Off-gas Heating Grant– This is part of the ECO4 scheme. This grant is available for people off the gas grid using alternative types of heating such as wood, oil, LPG, coal, electric. Eligible households get a new heat source heating system with insulation, radiators and solar panels all for free.

Non-condensing Boiler Upgrade – This is another ECO4 scheme. People with an old non-condensing boiler, usually the boiler is 10 years old or more get a new more efficient combi-boiler, for free.

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